Bio Dove Helium Balloons exclusive to Birando

Birando is proud to announce that we have secured the exclusive USA rights to BioDoves.

birando-biodove-helium-balloonsFor those that have not yet seen this amazing product in action let me tell you it is a sight to behold. These dove shaped helium balloons mimic the effects of a real live launch of white peace doves making them perfect for weddings and special occasions where you seek a bird-friendly alternative.

Fill them with helium and then release them into the sky. Due to the unique shape they will appear to flap their wings as they swoop and circle in the sky above, great in groups or launch a small amount for that someone special.

They are made from a special biodegradable compound so unlike a regular plastic that takes years to decompose.  Make an impact at your event without impacting the environment.

Each packed of BioDoves comes with a fastener string for you to tie it off prior to launch, the string as well as the packaging are biodegradable and recycled.

You can purchase Biodoves from here >

Birando Customer Services

Birando Customer Services

David leads the creative and product development team here at Birando.

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