Cotton LED Clouds – How To Make Them

Cotton LED Clouds have become a hot party accessory and today we will show you how you can make your own. To get you started you will need the following items:

  1. Some of our Hanging LED’s
  2. A bag of cotton wool
  3. Super Glue or Hot Glue gun
  4. Cotton or nylon fishing line
               cotton-balls   super-glue 


1. Tear it up! – You want your clouds to be as realistic as possibly so it is worth spending some time mastering the art of artificial cumulus. Start with your cotton wool balls. Fluff and tear them, the more irregular the better. You want them to look soft and dreamlike :) They need to be light and whispy so that your led light will shine through them. Once you have lots of fluffy cotton pieces it is time to build them into your cloudy work of art.

2. Stick it Together – Using the super glue or a Hot Glue gun you will be able to join the cotton wool pieces together. Try to piece them together organically, be at one with the cloud! When you have joined it all together you should have a realistic looking Cumulus cloud.

3. Let there be light! – Now that you have a lovely fluffy looking cloud it’s time to add some heavenly illumination. Start with our hanging LED’s but we recommend replacing the black elastic band with clear nylon so that when you hang this it will appear to be magically hovering in the sky.  Turn the led on and then push it into the top of the cloud, it may take a bit of wriggling but you  will be able to get the LED far enough into the cloud so that it lights up the clould and can hold the weight of the wool

4. It’s Showtime – You now have your very own illuminated clould, all you need to do now is find a suitable spot to hang it.


Cotton LED Clouds – Use our Hanging LED lights for a mobile illuminated cloud




Birando Customer Services

Birando Customer Services

David leads the creative and product development team here at Birando.

3 Responses to Cotton LED Clouds – How To Make Them

  1. Nicole Nicole says:

    About how many cotton balls do I need per cloud and where is the best place/ what kind to get….Thanks

    • Robert Laughton Robert Laughton says:

      Many thanks for your email

      We would recommend a generous pack of cotton balls from a local retail shop.

      It does depend on the type of cotton balls you choose


      The Birando Team

  2. Gisele Paulo Gisele Paulo says:

    How can I turn the led off?


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