Birando’s new Candle Bags?

Candle Bags are a fun party item and we’ve been offering a small range of them for many years.

We are currently looking into some new candle bag designs and would appreciate your thoughts on the following. Rate it or hate it?

1. Panda Bags

I may have been watching a bit to much Anime lately but I think these Panda bags are super cute, maybe a range of fun animal candlebags for kid’s birthday parties. Coupled with our kid friendly led’s to keep it extra safe. Kawaii neh?


2. Blank Candle Bags

Okay blank candle bags may not sound that exciting but these would be perfect for customizing. Get the kids together with their colored pens and let them create a masterpiece that is illuminated at night. Another use would be for writing a special message, memorial or wedding message. Relay for Life is a great cause that uses these luminary bags to great effect for a good cause.

Candlebags-blank-wavey   custom-candlebags   Relay-for-life-luminary

3. Seasonal Range

Who doesn’t like a good festive party? We enjoy getting ready for the national holidays and with Halloween just around the corner we thought some jack-o-lantern bags would be a cool addition. Santa’s going to need his own range too… :)


Birando Customer Services

Birando Customer Services

David leads the creative and product development team here at Birando.

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