Water Bubbles | Creating great visual displays and stunning night lights

Birando has spent years creating a great range of party products and we see one of our roles in explaining how a sometimes relatively simple product can be used to great effect. We encourage our customers to send in images and videos of how they have used our products and also spend time trying to inspire people to do great things with our range. Our water bubbles can do just that.

What are Water Bubbles?

Our Water Bubbles are a type of hydrating polymer. Read on to understand what that means –

The tiny beads you receive in the post when you purchase our “Water Bubbles” have a reaction when they come in contact with water and swell to around 400 times their original size. The bubbles swell up in a uniform way and will stay swollen for up to three days. Without constant contact with water they will over the course of a few days turn back into their original form – ready to be hydrated again.

Our Water Bubbles are available in a wide range of colors which can be used individually or combined to make a great visual effect. Otherwise known in the unimaginative world of flower arranging as “Water Storing Gel Beads” or “Deco Beads” they have a unique reaction to water.

We stumbled across our line of Water Bubbles around two years ago while looking for something different. I guess we spend a lot of our time looking for something different – as this is what brings so many customers back to us time and time again.

My father’s 70th birthday party

So given that I partly run Birando, when someone has a party I am the guy who is expected to turn up with the party gear – as well as three children and a slightly weary wife. This birthday we came with a few new products for 2012 – and the water bubbles were one that I was keen to give central stage to.

Hydrating the Water Bubbles

I wanted to get the children involved in the whole  process so I started with three assistants under seven Рand due to the gravitational pull of activities this soon became six. Our equipment was

We filled each tupperware with about a quarter of a litre of water and placed in each one a couple of tubes of one color of the water bubbles. The starting point is that straight forward – you then walk away for about three hours and let the polymers do their thing.

The children returned to the scene about every five minutes to see if anything dramatic had happened. Walking away disappointed during the first hour. However after an hour they started putting their hands into the water and could start feeling the bubbles in the liquid. Excitement ensued and then they would leave for a bit.

After three hours each of the tupperware was filled with fully formed bubbles – much to everyone’s delight. Water Bubbles being filled

Filling the jam jars and assorted glass bottles

By now we were at late afternoon and knowing that we were going to use these as night lights soon, we placed an LED light (switched on) in the base of each jam jar before the children – with varying degrees of success started trying to fill the jars with the bubbles.

Some went for jars filled just with green bubbles, some tried layering the colors and one bottle was filled with a veritable rainbow of bubbles. The kids had a great time playing with them. They are slippery, rubbery, very tactile and fun to play around with – a few were used as projectiles aimed towards a grandad or mother.

Spreading the jars out around the party

Liberally is the best way to describe it. We had essentially a jar per table, and in each of these was inserted a couple of flowers that had been collected around the garden earlier. Flower are held in position very firmly by the tight nature of a water bubbles compressed in a jar. Then we had the large soda bottle which took pride of place on the central food table, and lastly we had the remnants that were scattered far and wide.

You can see the effect below – they looked great in the sunlight and added a load of color to the party. At night they added a warm glow – in a variety of colors – either on the table or spread out around the garden on walls and raised areas.




Robert Laughton

Robert Laughton

Rob Laughton is one of the founders of Birando in the UK and USA.

He is passionate about the quality and style of his product range. The best designed products backed by quality production.

He is a passionate blogger on his own blog - www.sirbobalot.com - and uses the Google+ network.

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  1. Edith Magee Edith Magee says:

    Is there a book out with ideas on using Deco Beads for weddings & live plants ???

  2. […] more ideas on what you can achieve have a look at the water bubble night lights we created last year to showcase our submersible LED tea […]

  3. Dot Hendricks Dot Hendricks says:

    Can you add scented oil for fragrance to these gels ?

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