Using Wish Stars to Magically Light Up a Party

We stumbled across our Wish Stars during a trip to India – no, before you ask this was not a voyage of self-discovery. We make every effort to visit suppliers directly and during this product sourcing trip we were looking to find some mystical, handmade products that fits in well with our range of party goods (we had a bit of fun as well).

The Wish Stars we import are manufactured in a Northern State by a family-run business who have been making these products for over forty years. Each of the stars is handmade from a high quality paper and many of them are also hand-stitched.

Although they look great being hung up during day light the real magic of the product is revealed as night falls. Inside each of the stars you can either place a low energy light bulb, or alternatively one of our hanging LED lights.

With a light inside the Wish Stars you see all the different layers of color effects that the design of each particular wish star has.

  • Honey Comb Green Wish Star – Is inlaid with a decorative purple, around the inner area, blue stars with lighter blue petals are scattered around the outer edges and the main body is made.
  • Patriot Wish Star – the layered effect of thin and thick paper make the stars all over this design stand out from the main star.
  • Ganesh White and Black Star – A truly stunning effort. Much of this lantern has hand stitching over it, and when unwrapped this gives the product a very tactile side to it. At night the juxtaposition of the white and black make it my favorite of the range of ten Wish Stars

Before the party we had shown below we assembled all of the stars and hang then at different levels within the temporary gazebo which really bought the lifeless structure to light, and with the remaining Wish Stars we scattered them across different rooms with higher ceilings.

Just before sunset one of the organizers went around and turned on the LED lights that we had hung inside the wish stars and for the rest of the evening their subtle lighting added to the atmosphere of the party.

If customers want any tips on how we used the lanterns or LED lights please email




Robert Laughton

Robert Laughton

Rob Laughton is one of the founders of Birando in the UK and USA.

He is passionate about the quality and style of his product range. The best designed products backed by quality production.

He is a passionate blogger on his own blog - - and uses the Google+ network.

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