Color Changing LED Skulls! – How to guide

Crystal Skulls Vodka with LED'sDid you know Dan Akroyd has his own brand of Vodka?

We had a bottle of his Crystal Skull Vodka in the office, strictly for decorative purposes i assure you! 😛

One of the guys was playing around with our Submersible LED’s and the Skull and came up with this video and some cool looking picutres.

We thought it was very Damien Hirst meets Chemical Brothers and so are sharing it with the world.


Wanna make your own?

Pop on over to for the RGB LED or you can choose a fix color LED depending on your theme. Then pop on over to your favorite liquor shop for this awesomely packaged skull vodka, most shops stock it!

Once you have your LED it’s very easy, simply turn on the LED, place the LED behind the Skull at the base and it will illuminate the skull. It looks best when the bottle is full so resist the temptation to drink the display. Or better yet fill it with water once empty for a long lasting display.

We got to thinking how popular skulls are and that they are fast becoming again as a fashion item and accessory. Here are a few famous skulls that I can think of off the top of my head.

   1. Damien Hirst Diamante Skull

   2. KAH Tequila Pottery Skulls


3.Karen Walker Skull Necklace


   4.  Fred Doomed Skull shotglass


We’d love to see your favorite stylish skull pics!!


Birando Customer Services

Birando Customer Services

David leads the creative and product development team here at Birando.

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