Water Bubbles Gel Beads Time lapse

We’ve been selling the Water Bubbles™  range of gel beads for a while now but still get people asking us what they are and how to use them. All very good questions and hopefully this post will answer some of these questions.

Here is a time lapse image that shows them growing over 4 hours


Gel beads are a small dehydrated gel ball that when added to water will grow more than 500% of their original size in about 4 hours. Once they have been fully hydrated they can be used to decorate vases and centerpieces  Layering colors to suit your theme looks especially good. You can also use them with our waterproof led’s to create a stunning evening centerpiece which is a hit at weddings and glamorous events.

Due to the unique nature of the product they slowly release water and keep cut flowers fresh. Some people even use gel beads to grow herbs and small plants in this magic soil!

We recorded this video over 4 hours then condensed it down to 16 seconds to show them in growing action. Enjoy!

Birando Customer Services

Birando Customer Services

David leads the creative and product development team here at Birando.

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