Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with our Retro Paper Straws

Retro Paper Straws
The brains behind Birando have been hard at work coming up with great ideas that will add an extra-special touch to your next party.

The feedback we received from our customers when we launched our Bio Dove Balloons last year was astounding – and we think that we have outdone ourselves again.

Our retro style drinking straws are not only colorful and fun they are made of paper so they are completely biodegradable and compostable. These are not the same kind of paper straws that were replaced by plastic in the 60’s.

These straws are thicker and are covered with an FDA approved food safe coating to make them last hours. They have impeccable eco credentials, and are 100% biodegradable, and printed with water based inks

Paper straws can be used in drinks or as sticks for cake pops and other desserts. We have dozens of colors available in Stripes, Polka Dots, Stars, and even Hearts – all printed without joins!

Our paper drinking straws are charming, vintage, cute, fun, and of course contain NO PLASTIC! Our straws are made with bio-degradable paper but sturdy and strong and will last a long time. They measure approximately 7 3/4″ in length.

To see our full range of retro paper straws go to our Birando website and look for the Paper Straws section.

Retro Paper Straws

Robert Laughton

Robert Laughton

Rob Laughton is one of the founders of Birando in the UK and USA.

He is passionate about the quality and style of his product range. The best designed products backed by quality production.

He is a passionate blogger on his own blog - www.sirbobalot.com - and uses the Google+ network.

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