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Bamboo Hanging Light StringsThe first in our series of blogs covering our Fall range covers our brand new Bamboo Hanging light strings – a perfect addition to your outdoor lighting.

This set of ten bamboo hanging light strings is going to fit in perfectly both indoors & outdoors, providing a subtle evening lighting to your house.

All our hanging light strings can be run in sets of up to five allowing you to group together up to 50 bamboo lights around your decking area and lighting up your evening meal in style.

With five sets of hanging light strings you will be able to cover just over a forty foot distance making these a great option to gently light a patio area of a section of your back yard.

  • One string of 10 lights, 8.6 Ft,
  • Up to five sets of hanging light strings can be connected together
  • Attractive bamboo-style covers
  • Great for any party decor


Our hanging light strings are available on Birando.com or through our account on Amazon. At $19.99 we think they represent great value.

Hanging light strings from Birando – Light up your Party in Style

Birando Customer Services

Birando Customer Services

David leads the creative and product development team here at Birando.

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