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Floating Lantern release for Loi Kratong Festival

Releases of sky lanterns are still relatively new in the USA. We hope that this series of stunning photos of our taken at the Loi Kratong festival in Thailand last year will inspire you.

The festival is linked to an ancient ritual of paying respect to the water spirits and in the northern city of Chiang Mai. Floating lanterns with candles are released by individuals into the river at night. This release creates a magical vision of light and was the inspiration for our floating water lanterns. One of the first products Wish Lantern released in the USA in 2008.

You can see our full range of floating lanterns and decorative covers on our main website –

A mass release of Sky lanterns has also been a core part of the Loi Kratong festival, celebrated for five days across Thailand and certain parts of Burma and Laos. The photos below show the full majesty of a large sky lantern release. We think it should be one of the events that you aim to see in your lifetime.

Birando sell a range of white, colored and designed sky lanterns under our brand “Wish Lantern” which are all available for delivery across the USA.

We also stock a range of bespoke wedding sky lantern packages designed for the big day with personalised inserts. A nice idea for the reception is to give your guests a Wedding Lantern each. They write a wish for the newlyweds on the lanterns , then release it up into the sky either individually or all at the same time.

Birando is an American company Dallas and if you have questions about sky lantern releases please call us. We are here to assist & advise you on our product range and have specific pages set up for you to learn more about sky lanterns.

Enjoy the range of Sky Lanterns available today from Birando – America’s Outdoor Party Specialists.

Robert Laughton

Robert Laughton

Rob Laughton is one of the founders of Birando in the UK and USA.

He is passionate about the quality and style of his product range. The best designed products backed by quality production.

He is a passionate blogger on his own blog - - and uses the Google+ network.

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