Winter Wedding Decoration Ideas

Winter wedding decoration ideas Birando

While so many people’s focus at this time of year is on Christmas and New Year, it’s also a popular time of year during which people get married. Winter weddings are not only quite beautiful, but they have their own entirely unique potential when it comes to decorating the wedding and reception venues.

If a winter wedding is something you’ve always dreamt of, yet felt intimidated by, then you need look no further for wedding decoration inspiration than this blog post. So, read on and let your wedding day dreams run wild.

Bring the outside in

Winter wedding decoration ideasWith so much beauty to be found in the natural wedding landscapes of winter, there’s something simple yet memorable about bringing aspects of the outside into your decor. Long tables can be set with bare-branch centrepieces, while handing candles from the branches recreates the sparkle of the warmth of winter fires. Birando offers some beautiful lighting products that can go a long way towards recreating the beauty of winter. The Gemmy Light Show shooting star light strings recreate the twinkling wonder of the night sky and can be strung around your wedding and receptions venues to create a classically white and a beautiful light-show effect. Another beautiful yet simple product from Birando that brings the outside in, is our range of White Fluffy Decorations. Made from light-weight paper, the decorations resemble the much-loved white snowballs of winter. Hang them around the venue and bring a classic yet fun feel to your event.

White wedding cake with a touch of class

White winter wedding cake ideas decorationsAll-white wedding cakes not only compliment the crisp and pure white of the snow outside, but also create a simple background against which you can add a small pop of colour. Where trends in previous years seeing a move towards starkly contrasted colours, this winter sees a move towards an accent of metallic tones of silver and gold. Flavour-wise, where the outside of your cake is simple, the trends are all about mixing it up. One such popular flavour included a gingerbread spiced cake with a cinnamon and nutmeg filling and a spiced cream-cheese frosting. If you can think up a unique flavour blend, then give it a try because the only limit when it comes to flavours for wedding cakes this season is your own imagination.

Candlelight to set the tone

Because of the charming fairy tale feel of winter time, it’s a given that candlelight will only enrich the atmosphere of your wedding, while increasing the cosiness of the venue. Birando’s range of candle bags come in two designs: a wedding appropriate dove and heart design, and a winter appropriate snowflake design. Mix and matching both on the tables in your reception, or along the aisle during your wedding, can create a warm and unforgettable impression on the guests at your wedding. If you’d like the same effect without the risk of an open flame, you can take a look at the Birando single and double LED lights in bright white. Placed into the candle bags or beneath a sheer fabric, you’ll be able to invest in mood lighting without having to replace the candles every couple of hours.

Wedding Favors

Winter wedding decoration ideas BirandoMemories aren’t the only thing you can give your guests on your wedding day. And a winter wedding gives a unique opportunity for a themed wedding favor that will really make an impact. Due to the time of year, a warm cup of cocoa can be a wonderful treat. Give your guests the best of both worlds by sending them off with a party favor mason jar, filled with everything they need for the perfect cup of cocoa – including the little marshmallows. Another fun winter wedding favor that uses mason jars is a home-made snow globes. Simply glue tiny ornaments to the lid, fill the jar with water and glitter and twist shut. Turn it upside-down for a wonderful wedding favor that’s personal and memorable. Alternatively, you can hand out blankets and wraps as wedding favors that will not only keep your guests warm on their journey home, but also make lovely gifts due to the variety of styles and fabrics you can choose from.

A winter wedding doesn’t have to be any less enjoyable than a summer one, and can result in truly magical memories for all who attend. Not only can you make the most of this time of year when it comes to decorating your winter wedding, but you can also implement the beauty and charm of the season to enrich your special day.


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