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With excitement mounting at the approaching Super Bowl XLVIII, we’ve decided to put together a post that’ll see you score major points with football fans when you host a killer Super Bowl party – with your very own Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen, giving you front row seats in your own backyard.

Vary the Drink Options

While beer is generally considered the drink of choice when it comes to football (partly the fault of the beer ads that play during every commercial break). But this isn’t an excuse not to cater to all tastes. Providing a wide range of drink options for your guests ensures that everyone who attends you Super Bowl party will be able to happily sip the day away on their drink of choice, be it a bottle of red wine or your signature home-made Orange-Ginger Margaritas, so that no one is left out of the good time that your Super Bowl party promises to be!

Stock up on Snacks

Luckily, because your inflatable movie screen is outdoors, you don’t really need to worry about messes and mishaps ruining the carpet or your furniture. But you do still need to stock up on classic sports snacks to keep tummies from rumbling. Placing bowl of peanuts, pretzels and chips around the place, and regularly topping them up, will keep your guests happy while buying you the time you need to prepare a more hearty meal.

Feed the Masses

An internet search will deliver you hundreds of recipes for Super Bowl party foods. Ranging from the impressively complex to the suitably simple, there is a wealth of information online for food ideas that can really make the half-time lunchtime a highlight of your Super Bowl party. We have selected some favourite foods that we feel make any Super Bowl party into a success:

  • Buffalo-style chicken wings
  • Sweet-and-sour meatballs
  • Guacamole (and any other dips and spreads you might be able to make)
  • Barbecue foods like hamburgers and hot dogs

An additional hint when it comes to the catering for your Super Bowl party – dine on paper plates with plastic cutlery. This will significantly cut down on your post-party clean-up by allowing you to throw all of it into the bin.

Invest in Super Bowl Decor

Without proper decorations, it’s quite certain to conclude that your Super Bowl bash will be incomplete. Putting up decorations in teams colours can go a long way to livening up the venue. If your favourite team is playing then g0 all out and consider dressing up in your team’s colours. If you have guests attending who support opposing sides, then establish a fun line with masking tape down the centre of the venue and decorate each side in the opposing teams’ colours. This not only adds to the atmosphere but inspires a little friendly rivalry as well. If young children are attending, then it might be helpful to set aside a room in the house for their entertainment. Provide age-appropriate movies for them to watch, as well as a bunch of crafts for them to do and toys for them to play with, so that their parents can take part in the Super Bowl fun without having to worry about entertaining the young ones.

Have fun!

As the most important tip on the list, it’s vital that you don’t lose focus of the reason anyone hosts a Super Bowl party – to have fun! Make your guests feel at home from the minute they arrive. Have a friendly bet going as to who thinks which team will win. Being a good host does mean checking the supply levels of food and drinks, as well as offering your guests anything that they may want or need, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the event as well. Get everyone to write down on a piece of paper who they think will win and what the final score will be, awarding the winner with a prize such as a football pinata. Whatever the ways you choose to make your Super Bowl party that extra bit special, be sure to remember that it’s all about the love of the game and a good time spent with good friends!


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