Find the Perfect Theme for Your Birthday Party

Perfect Theme for your Birthday Party BirandoPlanning an event can be stressful enough, without the pressure of picking a party theme that all of your guests will enjoy. A themed birthday party can make a big difference to the event, especially when it comes to creating memories that will last. But it’s important for you to choose a theme that will encourage fellow revellers to take part, rather than alienate them as the night proceeds.

In an effort to help you figure out how you can find the perfect theme for your birthday party, we’ve put together some hints and tips that you can keep in mind when next you choose to celebrate another year of life lived.

Consider the party person

Instead of looking up a list of popular themes, a great starting point could be to consider the person for whom you’re throwing the party – be it yourself, a loved one or a special friend. Think about them in terms of their favourite activities, shows they enjoy watching or books they enjoy reading, what styles of music they enjoy, and other extracurricular activities they may have. By working with what you know about the individual’s preferences, you will be able to choose a suitable motif.

Take age into account

Appropriate themes need not only relate to what the party person might enjoy, but also to their age. For example, a toga party may not have guest aged fifty and up brimming with excitement, while the intricacies of a masquerade ball might be lost on a group of teenagers. Once you’ve narrowed down your list of possible themes in the first step, consider its appeal according to the age group in attendance.

Make it easy to adhere to

Choosing a birthday party theme that requires guests spend large amount of money on costumes and props will not inspire most to play along with the idea, but rather increase the chances of them saying “no” on their RSVP. Consider how the theme idea will go over with the guests before you finalise your plans. Remember it needs to be easily understood on the invitation, and easily adhered to so that the idea of splurging on a specialised costume won’t frighten your potential party guests away.

Keep it simple

Since you’re planning your party from start to finish, it’s important to not make more work for yourself than is necessary. The most important thing at the end of the day is that the birthday person – be it yourself or someone else – has a pleasant day of memorable experiences. Keeping the theme for your birthday party simple can help in this regard. Some themes may require special venues to be rented or specific decorations in order to make sense, while others can be created easily and anywhere. Avoid the hard stuff, and make sure that your decorations – whether you make them yourself or buy them from a supplier like Birando – add to the theme, rather than detract from it.

Any event planner will tell you that once you’ve selected the theme, the rest of the party will take shape. While this may be the case, don’t be afraid of choosing a theme without the help of a party planner to make it a success. If you stick to the simple guidelines we’ve outlined above, you should be able to choose the perfect motif for anyone’s birthday party – even if you happen to decide that the best theme at the end of the day, is no theme at all.


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