Ways to Use Our Colored Water Bubble Gel Beads

orange-water-bubblesWhile our water bubble gel beads are famously known for brightening up any party no matter its theme, it is a little known fact that they are also used in other ways that will not only have your guests  asking for your secrets, but will also save you heaps on your décor budget.

Water Your Flowers

One of the more popular ways by which you can use your water bubble gel beads is to simply put them into a vase and add flowers. Recently, we found out by trial and error, that simply placing your freshly picked flowers into a vase of these colourful gel beads means that you are also prolonging the life of your flowers with minimal effort. The reason is that our water bubble gel beads are exactly that: “water” with a little gel, shaped like beads. Go figure.

Vase Art

A second way by which you can make the most of your newly acquired water bubbles is to mix-and-match them in an interesting vase. This simple decoration adds an arbitrary, yet interesting art piece to any room. Any variety of colors will do, from your pinks, purples and whites, to our personal favorite of the simple yet striking black-and-white mix for your evenings by the pool.

Make It Glow

Last but not least, these little gel beads go perfectly with our LED Submersible Lights. Choose from our range of colored LED lights to add to your choice of beads by placing them in a vase for a striking lighting effect. These once squishy and fun-to-play-with water bubbles will transform into a new style lamp for those badly lit corners in your house or even an affordable décor addition for fancy events such as weddings, birthdays, national holidays and more.

The next time the kids are tugging away at your arm saying “please can I get some of those Water Bubbles”, remember this: when the kids get tired of them, they are all yours to use as you wish because these water bubble gel beads are reusable too! Tell us about some of the interesting ways you’ve used your own water bubbles by commenting below.  


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