Have fun with home Christmas décor ideas


Have you been using the same baubles and tinsel on your tree for as long as you can remember? Then it’s time to spice things up with some new home Christmas décor ideas that will turn your festive season into a wonderland again.

The tree is the center of focus when it comes to Christmas decorations. This year, why not try something different with your tree? Here are some fun ideas that will turn your tired, old decorations into something that will wow your family and friends.

1. Non-traditional trees

Instead of the usual fat pine tree, look for something different. Head off to your local nursery to see what small trees they have in pots. You’ll find a variety of different shapes and sizes to choose from. You could even go for two smaller trees rather than one big tree. This will give you new options for decorating your home.

Another unusual choice is to go for dry branches in a large pot. You can make a modern, wintery Christmas tree with just a few simple decorations on the branches.

2. Make your own tree


There are so many ways to make your own Christmas tree. If you’re into DIY around the home, you can use a ladder as your tree and then decorate it with lights and baubles. Another fun option is to draw a tree onto a big piece of paper and hang that on a wall. This works brilliantly in small spaces.

If you want to go a little more handmade with your tree, then you can make one out of felt disks or fabric. All you need is a conical base to attach the fabric to – this can be cardboard or thin foam, as long as it will hold its shape over time. Then glue or tack the pieces of fabric or felt to the cone to create the leaf shapes.

Another fun, simple way to get the festive cheer in your home is to use a string of beads to create the outline of a tree on your wall. With this nifty idea, you can put a ‘tree’ in every room in the house.

3. Sophisticated color choices

If you’re a fan of traditional Christmas trees but want to spice things up a bit or change the way you decorate yours, then try going for the two-tone scheme. Start by picking a base color for all of your decorations – gold or silver are good for sophisticated décor. Then choose your accent shade – green, red, blue or purple all go with a festive theme. Use this second color to brighten up the base and to add eye-catching pops of interest around your home and on the tree.


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