10 best New Year’s party ideas



Sometimes the best New Year’s party ideas are the simplest ones, and sometimes the best parties are the ones that you have at home with your friends. Here are some great ways to turn your house into the place to be this New Year.

1. It’s all about the atmosphere

With the right lighting, you can transform your living room or entertainment area into a party room to rival any night club. Firstly, set up clusters of candles in various places around the room. The next step is to change the light bulbs in the room to colored ones. You can also hire a strobe light or multi-colored lamps that move around to create patterns on the walls.

2. Dinner at midnight

Ring in the New Year with a big festive meal. Get all of your guests to bring a plate of food – from starters to sides, and don’t forget about dessert. Then all you have to worry about is the main event. If you’ve had too much turkey this festive season, then maybe go for a nice leg of lamb or perhaps a big ham.

3. Casino night

This idea requires hiring a bit of equipment from a party shop, but it’s worth it. You can have poker or black jack tables and even a roulette wheel. If you want to make the evening about more than just a party, you can pick a charity for all of the winnings to go to.

4. Play the New Year’s resolution game

Get all of your guests to write down their resolutions or predictions for the upcoming year, and then place them all in a bowl. Pick them out at random and read them to the group so that everyone can guess who wrote them.

5. Make it all about the noise makers

Have a competition to see which of your guests can bring the craziest, loudest, brightest noise maker to ring in the New Year. For an added element of fun, get them to bring silly hats and novelty glasses too.

6. Ghosts of New Year’s past and future

A dressing up instantly makes any party more fun. A good theme for New Year is to have people think about their past and their future.

7. Movie marathon

For a more low-key event, go for a casual movie marathon. Get out all of your mattresses and pillows, and spread them out in your living room so that everyone can relax and enjoy the movies. Don’t forget about the popcorn and some champagne to toast the New Year.

8. Clock it

The theme of clocks is ideal for New Year’s Eve. You can have plenty of fun with decorations all about time, and even put the food into clock formations on the table. Get your guests to join in too by dressing to the theme.

9. Karaoke party

If you can’t let your hair down and go a little crazy on New Year’s Eve, when can you? This time of year is the perfect opportunity to have a karaoke party and get all your friends to sing a number, no matter how bad your voices may be.

10. Go for gold

For a simple, classy New Year’s Eve party, a gold theme is great. Get everything to glitter and sparkle – from the table cloths to the confetti you throw at midnight.



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