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Floating Water Lanterns

Floating Water Lanterns at Sony Launch

Our floating water lanterns have been a core part of the Birando range since the beginning and popular with a wide range of people looking for an stylish way to decorate their event. Using the included wax tea-lights they make great floating luminaries on the water as well as casual ambient lights when used as […]
Sky Lantern release

Sky Lanterns @ Loi Kratong

Releases of sky lanterns are still relatively new in the USA. We hope that this series of stunning photos of our taken at the Loi Kratong festival in Thailand last year will inspire you. The festival is linked to an ancient ritual of paying respect to the water spirits and in the northern city of […]
LED submersibles

New Images of our Submersible LED Tea Lights

Birando have been selling a range of submersible LED tea lights for over two years now and it was time to produce some photos which show the variety in our range. You can see the full range on our website – Used in conjunction with our water bubbles you can create stunning lighting effects […]
Bio Dove Balloons at a Wedding

Bio Dove Balloons at a wedding

When we launched our Bio Dove Balloons we had a feeling that they were going to be a perfect addition to weddings. Our product sourcer found the Dove Balloons in Japan and we worked with the manufacturer to bring these helium balloons to the USA. For more information and pricing view them on the Bio […]
Confetti Cannons from Birando

Confetti Cannons | Our New Bestseller

The Birando range of confetti cannons have been carefully developed to give our customers the most bang for their buck – and recently became our bestseller on Overtaking our ever popular floating lanterns which we have been selling since 2008. Our Confetti Cannons come in three sizes which are suitable for different uses. All […]

Color Changing LED Skulls! – How to guide

Did you know Dan Akroyd has his own brand of Vodka? We had a bottle of his Crystal Skull Vodka in the office, strictly for decorative purposes i assure you! 😛 One of the guys was playing around with our Submersible LED’s and the Skull and came up with this video and some cool looking […]

Water Bubbles | Creating great visual displays and stunning night lights

Birando has spent years creating a great range of party products and we see one of our roles in explaining how a sometimes relatively simple product can be used to great effect. We encourage our customers to send in images and videos of how they have used our products and also spend time trying to […]

Birando’s new Candle Bags?

Candle Bags are a fun party item and we’ve been offering a small range of them for many years. We are currently looking into some new candle bag designs and would appreciate your thoughts on the following. Rate it or hate it? 1. Panda Bags I may have been watching a bit to much Anime […]

Black Lace Votives

I came across these black lace votives the other day and thought they were pretty cool. What do you think? The black lace is quite a bold statement but maybe with white lace, frosted glass votive and and led candle they’d be a nice wedding item…? hmm… Always on the look out for fun and […]

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