Water Bubbles


Ways to Use Our Colored Water Bubble Gel Beads

While our water bubble gel beads are famously known for brightening up any party no matter its theme, it is a little known fact that they are also used in other ways that will not only have your guests  asking for your secrets, but will also save you heaps on your décor budget. Water Your Flowers […]
LED submersibles

New Images of our Submersible LED Tea Lights

Birando have been selling a range of submersible LED tea lights for over two years now and it was time to produce some photos which show the variety in our range. You can see the full range on our website – www.birando.com/submersible-led-lights. Used in conjunction with our water bubbles you can create stunning lighting effects […]

Water Bubbles Gel Beads Time lapse

We’ve been selling the Water Bubbles™  range of gel beads for a while now but still get people asking us what they are and how to use them. All very good questions and hopefully this post will answer some of these questions. Here is a time lapse image that shows them growing over 4 hours Gel […]

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