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How to decorate your home for Halloween

With Halloween being a couple of days away, it’s time to practice your scare tactics and give your home a ghastly makeover.  When decorating your home for this occasion you have a lot of responsibility resting on your shoulders.  You have to make sure the house’s exterior looks appealing to the rest of the neighbourhood, […]

DIY: How to turn a paper lantern into a Halloween piñata

It’s not a real Halloween party unless there’s a piñata.  Your guests can enjoy having a go at a scary creature with a stick in hand.  The best part is they’ll get rewarded with sweet treats for successfully whacking a spider or bat. While it’s a good idea to have a piñata at your next […]

Throw a Fall Harvest party

While you may be sad at the passing of summer, it doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop. You can welcome the arrival of fall with a party that celebrates the warmth of the season and gets your friends and family together for a crisp autumn afternoon and dishes made from yummy seasonal fruits […]

13 Characteristics of introverts and extroverts at a party

The characteristics of introverts and extroverts in a social setting are often quite humorous.  Each personality has its own unique traits, making them instantly recognizable at a party. You now you’re an introvert: 1.  When your extrovert friend forces you to go out like this. 2.  You don’t understand the constant need for socializing and […]

Monthly Round Up: A 4th of July Bonanza

The 4th of July is literally just around the corner and, just like you, we’re preparing to have an epic time celebrating one of America’s memorable holidays. Whether you’re planning on travelling, staying in doors, watching fireworks or barbecuing, we’re sure you’re going to have a good time. However, just in case you’ve forgotten how to party on […]
Memorial Day party Birando

5 Ways to Get Ready for the 4th of July

It’s that time of the year when Americans band together to celebrate their freedom and democracy. The 4th of July is almost here: a holiday that commemorates America’s adoption of the Declaration of Independence and characterized by shows of patriotism that range from the traditional American family barbecue and festive parades to the display of […]
Memorial Day party Birando

How to Host a Memorial Day Party with a Patriot Theme

So, it might seem like everyone else is travelling to somewhere else this Memorial Day weekend. As one of the biggest weekends for travel, it can certainly feel a bit of a requirement to do the same. However, we believe that there’s more value in a “staycation” than may immediately come to mind. For one […]
Valentine's Day First Date Birando

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Date

As if a dates weren’t stressful enough, you’ve decided to have your date (with the person you whole-heartedly believe to be the elusive “One”) on Valentine’s Day. That’s a lot of pressure, if you ask us. Luckily for you, as the people with the ‘know-how’ when it comes to planning the perfect event, we’re going […]
New Years Eve decoration ideas

Decoration Ideas for a Happy New Year

Ring in a happy New Year with party decorations that add the bells and whistles to see you end off 2013 in style. So light up your sparklers, hang the flashing lights and prepare to greet the New Year with a grin! Lighting Create a festive New Year celebration with the Birando LED hanging lights, […]
Confetti Cannons from Birando

Confetti Cannons from Birando

Our confetti cannons as seen at a Thanksgiving Party in Las Vegas in 2012.

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